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Factbook Hosting, a division of Factbook Ltd, manages hosted services and domain name registrations exclusively on behalf of clients of Factbook Ltd.

Factbook Hosting provides its services only to organisations that are clients of Factbook Ltd.

In addition to the terms and conditions entered into with Factbook Ltd, please find additional terms and conditions relating to domain registration here and hosting services here.

Please email abuse@factbook.co.uk to report abuse.
Please email hostmaster@factbook.co.uk to make a complaint or to resolve a dispute.
We will respond within 5 working days.

In the case of a complaint or dispute over a domain name which can not be resolved, we will follow the dispute resolution policy of Nominet for domains in the UK name space, which you can see here or Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy for all other domains, details of which can be found here.

If wish to register a UK domain we recommend you look here first for information https://www.theukdomain.uk/get-online/choosing-a-registrar/

For a list of accredited registrars who register domain names go to https://www.icann.org/registrar-reports/accredited-list.html The inclusion of this link does not imply that Factbook Hosting recommends any of the listed registrars. For information on who ICANN are, go to https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/welcome-2012-02-25-en


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Factbook Hosting is a division of Factbook Limited